Drama King

Drama King
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blast from the past

So I got a blast from the past last night. Brian called me, and told me that Steve’s now ex-wife called the house and wanted to talk to me. She left her number. I didn’t do anything at the beginning, since it wasn’t really my call. I never had a relationship with her and hated her for what Steve did to Bryant. Let me regress, about a million years ago a little boy named Bryant was sent to live with his father for six weeks in the summer. His father never saw him any other time during the year and the only reason why he did this was so he would not have to pay child support. So the little boy goes to this house, and stays six weeks, he gets into trouble and has accidents at night in his bed. I am sure it was because he was scared because he rarely did it when he was at home. The father did not understand this and did not care, so he would make the little boy sleep in the kitchen on the floor with a sheet for a blanket. This was a sad time in the little boys life so he started to act out and do things that would get him into trouble. His father sent him home and told him over the phone that he never wanted to see him again. The little boy told me of the things that went on and I called the police in MO but nothing was really done, since there was no child abuse, hell he just made the little boy sleep on the floor… but it was documented I made sure of that in case anything happened again.

Well Diane was nice to Bryant when Steve wasn’t around and I wasn’t sure if Bryant wanted to have a relationship with this woman… she is the mother of Bryant’s half brother… so I wanted to talk to him and ask him what I should do. He was amazingly calm about the entire thing and I was proud of him for the decision that he made. I called and left a message with my numbers on it so she can call back.. Should be interesting to see what happens

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