Drama King

Drama King
Bryant sacking QB

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My imagination (think birds and trees)

OK so when Bryant was younger, we did not have a car so we walked everywhere. We lived by the beach and everything was close, and if it was too far away there was always the bus. We walked to the beach, grocery store, to and from school. When we would walk to school (I would drop him off then hop on a bus to work) we would always look for things in the area that we could tell a story about. In the mornings it was always focused on Pigeons (san Diego has a million of these) and the birds would be dancing on the telephone lines like Ballerina's and so forth. During the fall months, we would wind up walking home in the dark and we would scare the begeezers out of ourselves. I would do more of the scaring... The trees in the area would not have their leaves and we would pretend that there were witches in them, and the branches would dramatically turn into witches arms as we walked through them.. bryant would want to walk in the street, but since he created part of this I made him face his fears and walk through the trees.
This was an awesome way that we communicated back and forth when we were tired and didnt want to walk all the way home... the only thing that I did was convince Bryant that there were scary monsters in the trash cans that were put out on trash day... LOL

bad bad

He was also scared of the VUG under the RUG.. (Dr suesss) he would always make me skip that page, it was so cute.

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