Drama King

Drama King
Bryant sacking QB

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

One Two.. Breath.. focus...

The chill of fall has come and with that comes warmer blankets and snuggle time. I will enjoy putting the shorts and short sleeved shirts away for sweats, cozy sweaters, and socks. Saturday someone had their fireplace going which means that soon we will havet to scope out some firewood of our very own. We haven't had to buy firewood forever. Since when our neighbors moved they gave us theirs.
This was my yesterday afternoon
I am PMSing and no I did not have a relaxing night. Let me tell you =)
Went to work yesterday, went to the grocery store at lunch so I wouldn't have to do it after work. So I get off of work, LATE... Go get in the car and drive half way down the garage... Forgot the checkbook, since Brian needed today. So then I am screaming as I am driving back to the fourth floor, get out of car, walk all the way back into the building, go to my floor, and walk all the way down the corridor, get said checkbook, and then repeat process to get to car.. Drive in rush hour traffic... To get home, put groceries away, realize I forgot bread... Have to go to another grocery store... Then I am dealing with Brian who had security detail last night so didn’t get off of work till 6, he is going to get Bryant, he is late cuz of traffic, so instead of calling Bryant to tell him to wait, he calls me... I am coming out of grocery store with dinner, and yes I got the bread... Phone is ringing that gawd awful "oh where oh where" I at this point have to put groceries into handicap chair so I can find my frigging phone in my darn suitcase.. Find the phone and am trying to remain calm. He tells me about his traffic woes, so I ask him, did Bryant call you? "no" he says, so I then ask, "did you call Bryant" he then says NO.. I then want to scream into the phone, "Then why in the hell are you calling me when you should be calling Bryant. Instead in my calm voice, I say "oh, ok umm then I will call him." and I did call Bryant... And after I tell him Brian is running late he says can you tell him... I made him call Brian himself and tell him whatever he was going to say. OMG then I get home and have to run around the house to make sure nothing is out of order.. Well not really but pretty much... I have a strong screwdriver... Deal with Brian bitching and watching him eat dinner... Go downstairs to actually relax.. It is 7:53.. Ask Brian if he wants a diet coke, he says yes.. I get the diet coke and a beer for me. LOLOLOL..
And then after all this whe wanted sex omg!!!!!
Needless to say I am not much better today as he has emailed me about not finding his damn blue socks 20 times today. I am going to go and buy him a pair and make him eat them.
So don't mind me if I am bitchy tonight.

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