Drama King

Drama King
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Sunday, October 14, 2007

End of a long weekend

Break the cycle of Domestic Abuse. However hard, there is always someone who can help. I know of people who will take care of dogs, help find a place to live and job skills.

I am supposed to be studying right now, it is going. I am having a hard time getting my act together. Info systems is easy, but the finance is just something that I cannot get. I have to read some more and make a better effort I guess.

I should hear something about the job this week. I am hoping that I get it. Me and the hubinator have been thinking about getting a double wide down in Conway, near Myrtle Beach. They are inexpensive and if I can afford the mortgage with my raise I am going to do it. We shall see, a friend on mine nad I will be driving down for a road trip.

Darn, I have cramps again. Why is that? I do not want any more children, I have a teenager and he keeps me plenty busy.

Speaking of - we left him alone today and gave him a list of chores to do... he did them, his way... I asked him to take the clothes out of the dryer... he did, and he put them on top of the dryer. I asked him to clean out the cat box, he did... and left all the cat litter on the floor, which is in HIS bathroom... odd. I am glad I only have one, I dont think I could have handled any more than him...

I cant wait to go back to work heh!
Maybe then I will find time to tell you about my weekend. It was good but very busy, more on this tomorrow.

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