Drama King

Drama King
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today we will have a new President. He delivered a message on unity and hope which put him in the place where he is today. He is what they are calling, "a politician of the moment". President Elect Barack Obama will be our 44th President of the United States.
You would think that with an entrance like the one that I just made, I voted for him. Well, I did not vote for him.
This day, I will be able to tell my grandchildren about, how finally after so many years, that we as Americans, can see past color and vote for an multi ethnic individual to be the leader of our country. This in itself is amazing.
1.2 million for LBJ on 1965 is the largest crowd for an inauguration. I think today that record will be beat.

We drove into DC yesterday and the amount of people there just walking around was gratifying, that we as Americans support our government this much that we would subject ourselves by walking around in the cold windy air and surround ourselves in a moment that our childrens children will be reading about in textbooks. Civics and Government classes are going to take on a new twist in the role of how our nation is growing and how we have overcome so many obstacles. I am proud right now to be an American.
I know that he is not going to be able to solve everything overnight. The changes that he wants will take time, it will take time to fix things that are indeed fixable.


Fire Hunt said...

We had the tv on so that one day I can say to me boy that they seen that on tv!

Happy Valley Mom said...

Hope is in the air!

ShallowGal said...

I love your sentiment, I wish more people thought like you!

xoxo, SG