Drama King

Drama King
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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Happy Studly 16 to my son!!

Well, today is the big day. My son, is 16. I cannot believe that I have, well either of us for that matter, have made it this far without killing the other. He has put me through every trial and tribulation that is available, and I am sure that there are more to follow. He has proved me stronger that he, he has made me more assertive, more self assured and happy to be alive at times. He has been there for me on each birthday, with a smile on his face and a great big grin when I cook his birthday cake. His favorit is yellow cake mix with chocolate frosting. Yes this is also my favorite and I would not tell him that for years because I was worried he would change his favorite to be something other than mine.

Ten things that he enjoys :
1. Scary movies - he loves these much more than I do and I do enjoy them very much. Right now we are watching "The Descent" (One of my favorites becuase the protagonist actually dies at the end)
2. Gummie bears - I have no clue, but he did take a picture of two of them in a provacative position and had that as a screen saver on his cell phone...
3. Pizza - Pizza Hut, hand tossed cheese lovers pizza.
4. Ice cream sammiches (the mint chocolate chip ones where the ice cream is actually minty green not white)
5. TV Shows - anything comedic - Big Bang theory, how I met your mother and 2 1/2 men are among his favorite
HE LOVES watching cartoons and the disney channel (at 16???)
6. Playing Pool - he learned from me and now he is better than me and ready to join my league..wonder if he will be on my team.
7. Bottled Root Beer is one if his favorite drinks, but he could drink a 12 pack of them in one sitting, scares me to think how he is going to be drinking the real beer.
8. Football, I wish he was better at this because of how much he loves being part of a team, horsing around with them, and playing street ball. He is also on a fantasy football league this year.
9. Scaring people - I dont know if he learned this one from me.. but he loves to lurk in the shadows and scare people half to death. He doesn't care who it is, it could be people that are 90 years old (Sorry Dot and Myra) people that he knows are going to chase him down and kill him or even his mother. He gets such the kick out of it too, we will go for days scaring each other and then Bryant will just stand there laughing and the tears are coming down his face because he is laughing so hard.
10. Friends. he likes being around his friends. He is a good friend, and can get along with most people. He values the friendship.

Ten things that I like about him:
His humor
His Cleanliness, meaning that he will take a shower.. not how his room is a tornado
His Humor
His love of food, this boy will eat anything
His ability to amuse himself
His character
How he treats others
His love for the animals
Did I mention his humor
His ability to cook

Things that scare me:
His Independence. I taught him that he needs to be able to take care of himself and not have to rely on others for anything... I think at times I taught him too well.

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