Drama King

Drama King
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Monday, June 16, 2008

No title for this one

I am sure that soon B will not be around long enough to have anything to write about. I enjoy reflecting most of the time, but sometimes it is nice to experience things that bring happiness not moments of terror.

Last weekend I could not go to sleep, B and D were at the movies right down the street and it was midnight, I texted him and asked him when he would be home, he said movie is almost over, be home right after that. I couldn't sleep till he was home.

He is going to be driving soon. I have no idea if he is sexually active... I will be thinking of drinking and driving or the use of drugs in his teenage years and wondering if he is going to fall prey to things of that nature. He has plenty of friends who have done drugs according to him. He knows that it is not something that he wants to do, but minds change every day. He is the only one of his friends that still have to check in with a mother. I demand that he calls me every two hours unless he is out with friends and he has a set time he is going to be home. I check on him at night to make sure that he does not sneak out of the house, and so far I have been lucky. He always asks me and usually I say yes be back in an hour or I just point blank, no. I have no idea what I am going to do when he is 17. OMG that is only 2 years away.

I remember the simple days when all I had to do to make him happy was make him a grilled cheese sammich and tomato soup. Or when he started riding his bike over to Maggie's neighborhood when we lived on the West coast. I enjoyed times when we would walk to school together and we would point out the birds dancing like ballerina's on the phone lines. It is amazing but he still remembers the walks, the scary witch tree, stopping at Roberto's on Friday's for tacos, the liqour store that had the best lemon pies and the smell of Dorito's on the bus, and no I have no idea why he remembers that.

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