Drama King

Drama King
Bryant sacking QB

Monday, February 18, 2008

Skiing weekend

Well, my son is a new daredevil. He went down as many blacks as he could in one day. The first day of skiing we all went down the bunny hill then Bryant and Brian started going down the greens and the blues with no hesitation. Bryant fell a few times and then got his act together. Ash and I stayed on the bunny slope and then after lunch we went down the greens. They werent that bad either, but I enjoy sports with my feet planted in the ground, and they were a few times this weekend when I walked down a hill or too becuase I would rather look like an ass walking than falling (flaying) on my ass going down the same hill.

The nights were fun. The skiing was fun, and I was very excited to finally have a family vacation.

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