Drama King

Drama King
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A not so pleasant memory

Remember when -

I just left Bryant's dad, and moved to Idaho to think things through and chill out. I moved into this real nice house, with a fireplace, 2 bedroom, nice huge kitchen and backyard with a creek. Bryant was 2 I think. Well, I was in the kitchen unpacking and Bryant was in the living room listening to Barney and dancing.

Then I heard the Thud. The type of Thud that you do not want to find out what happened. The type of Thud where you just stand there waiting for another noise to follow. The type of Thud where the time ticks by and all you hear is the background noise of the television. Then you hear the scream and it shocks you out of shock per say, the scream where you are afraid to look but grab a towel just in case...

He was standing there with the blood squirting out of his head like a pulse. He was dancing and smacked his head on the mantle of the fireplace, which was real brick not fake brick... I took the towel and applied pressure all the while looking at his eyes and holding him like any mother would. Thoughts of omg what am I going to do were shooting through my head, where was the hospital, how would I get him down there, where can I go. While trying to remain calm for his sake and knowing full well that this was going to be an "up all night affair" since this happened at 7 and there was no way in hell I was going to lay him down. The bleeding finally stopped and the gooseegg started.. Thank god. When I got the bleeding to slow down, I wrapped him up and went to the neighborhood store, and asked for help. There were two older ladies there and their advice saved my life. Yep he sure did knock the nogging, big ole bruiser is going to be there. Yep there will be a scar, nah as long as his eyes, breathing and gooseegg look fine then all is good. I stayed up all night holding him making sure that he was ok, and breathing, and not dreaming nightmares that would take him away. I would feel myself doing touch and go's then waking myself up and having more coffee or watching whatever channels that they had up there to watch, I don't even remember.

My girlfriend came over the next morning, she hear about what happened at the store and came to take B so I could get some rest.

Yes, he does have a scar...

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