Drama King

Drama King
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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

4 hours of school is a killer

Ok so the boy had to go to school today. He wanted to stay home and watch television all day eat scones, read the paper and stay in jammie ALL DAY. I made him go to school. When was the last time that I could stay home and STAY IN MY JAMMIE ALL DAY LONG???? It has been awhile. I have tried, I get my big bowl of coffee, and sit on the recliner getting ready to watch all the morning shows my mind can soak up in one sitting. The guilt starts when a commercial comes on, my coffee is empty so I go upstairs, while taking a load of clean clothes with me. Then when the morning light hits my kitchen you can see every single peice of dirt on the floor and mark on my white counter tops. So then I tell myself, ill just celan it up wont take that long, two hours later, I have a diet coke and am getting ready to sit back into the reclinder, when the dog wants outside. I let her out, realize that the leaves are all over the yard, and also dog messes, I proceed to shut the door and go back and sit down, then get back up and next commercial and spend the next 20 minutes raking and cleaning the yard (small yard). Needless to say the day is shot to hell cuz now I need a shower and can cook and mess up the kitchen, do wash.. omg let me stop here.
My sons day off - sleep till 10 am. watch cartoons in bed for about an hour. walk downstairs, get a bowl of cereal, take dog dowstairs, dropping cerreal on the way down, dog picks it up.. lets the dog out, forgets to bring recycling until he hears the truck coming and tries to carry the bin inside and up the stairs and drips all over my carpet... misses the recycling man, takes stuff ack downstairs, hoping the beer smell dries off of his shirt so he doesnt have to go upstairs to change shirt. Eats another bowl of cereal since he is having brunch. 2 hours later, makes a grilled cheese since he forget he partook on brunch. Dogs bowls are empty. Bryant throws the dog a bone. and so on...

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